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TOPIC: Apple Siri advantages and disadvantages

Apple Siri advantages and disadvantages 3 months 1 week ago #28981

Siri can activate the low power mode, or enable do not disturb, It can answer your questions, send emails or text messages, set up an alarm, make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, get you directions to a place you are going, and more, Siri is an intelligent voice assistant, It is in beta, you can get many things done faster and more convenient.

Advantages of Apple Siri

You can find nearest restaurants by just driving and giving commands to your iPhone through voice by Siri technology, Siri makes life simpler and more convenient, Siri is very simple, All you need is to get connected to the Internet and hold the home button, and Siri will come up, You can create calendar events.

,Siri is one of the best intelligent voice assistants if you use an iPhone or iPad or some other Apple’s devices, It comes with many great functions, You can get directions, send text messages and emails, get recommendations, make reservations, ask questions, and more, Setting up Siri is pretty simple, as it is to change its voice or language.

Siri’s data collecting is vague and advanced enough to reasonably give parents and teachers pause before allowing it to be used in school, Siri gets its amazing ability to learn by collecting info on what is being searched for patterns of usage like what time of day and for how long, even the tone of voice of the speaker, all things people have been uncomfortable turning over to Apple.

Siri has not been a part of the equation because neither the original iPad nor the iPad 2 came with Siri compatibility, The iPad 3 was the first to have Siri functionality, so, Siri’s only appearance in the classroom until very recently has been on the iPhone, To get iPads with Siri now would require schools to replace their current iPads, which are at most barely two years old.

Google Voice Search is Siri’s main competition in the “personal digital assistant” niche and many claims it’s more popular than Siri even with iPhone users, But for dictation, there’s market leaderDragon (for both Android and Apple), there are dozens of apps and programs that work just as well as Siri.

Apple Siri allows you to make calls & send text messages, You can use it on all Apple’s devices, Teachers may be wary Siri could inhibit learning, Siri is funny, If you are bored and want to laugh, ask Siri something funny, The answers Siri gives can be pretty hilarious, So, activate the assistant, and ask something out of the order.

Siri comes multiple functions, It can activate low power mode, It can enable DND or Do Not Disturb mode, It can send emails, text message, make a reservation, and the last but not the least, It can ask direction, Siri is available on all Apple devices, Apple has not limited Siri to only iPhone or iPad, it has extended it to all other Apple devices such as Apple watch, Apple TV and also on Mac, You can ask Siri to find any file on your computer or search the web or how much space you got left on your Mac.

If you’re having a bad day and want something to cheer you up, Siri can be of great help, Just ask Siri some absurd questions and be prepared to roll on the ground laughing as Siri comes up with hilarious answers, Apple has extended its virtual assistance to its entire devices starting from iPad to Mac, which is helping its users a lot, From getting direction to booking a reservation, Siri can help you in a lot of ways, And the best part, you can also start a conversation with Siri if you’re getting bored.

It is fully integrated with the iPhone from version iOS 5 onward, It can also be used with an Apple Watch, all editions of the iPad from 3 on, any iPad mini and versions of the iPod touch from 5th generation on, It can do many of the things you would do on your iPhone without having to type, open any specific app, or go through any menus, With Siri, just begin speaking, Siri then interprets your voice input and responds accordingly.

The personal assistant software known as Siri was touted as AI without compare in consumer electronics, Siri makes cheating a cinch for the right classes, we have to assume other unscrupulous kids are using the software dishonestly, Siri is a superb technology, using Siri is simple, you need to have an active internet connection, you have to be connected either to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data.

You can ask Siri questions, get directions, send text messages and emails, get recommendations, make reservations, and more,As Apple said that the power of Siri can't be achieved in older models of iPhone, So, Siri is only available on iPhone models 4S and above and iPad & iPod Touch.

Your choice of digital assistant should be based on the products you use the most, If you use Google software and services heavily, you will gravitate toward Google Assistant, The same is true with Amazon and Alexa, which integrates better with third-party services, If you are a diehard Apple user, Siri may be a better option, You can make reservations, Siri is easy to use, You can look up information.

Disadvantages of Siri

Siri doesn’t play well with children, Today’s kids are not an audience that is going to be patient with technology that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, The biggest hang-up for Siri is its reliance on a constant Web connection, Siri can't function unless it has access to the Internet.

If Siri can't access the Web, it will recognize any voice commands, Even commands that might not necessarily require a Web connection to complete will be unavailable if Siri is offline, More people are thinking that Siri has made unbelievable entry in iPhone but you can decide yourself whether to buy an iPhone 4s for this feature or not.

You should connect to the internet to use Siri, Siri can’t function as all the voice commands are relayed from Apple’s servers, This counts for all voice commands, and not just internet-based ones.

Siri has listening problems, Users with strong accents may also have difficulty with Siri, You should repeat commands in order to get Siri to respond, Search function leans toward restaurant and locations, Siri has trouble understanding some accents, If Siri doesn't understand what you are asking from the get-go, it will most likely ask you if you want it to search the Web for the exact words you just uttered.

Even if you speak clearly and in a noise-free area, Siri can still misinterpret you in creative ways, such as picking the wrong homophone or just mishearing you and speaking back phrases that only sound vaguely like what you said, The reminder function of Siri is one of its biggest draws for adult users, So, try to speak as clearly as you can to avoid listening issues and get things done.

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